Keynote Speaker - Bridging the Generational and Digital Divide

As a digital sociologist, I study what’s happening at the intersection of technology and evolution, and how it affects the ways in which we buy, sell, and work together. As humans, we enjoy a standard of living that’s unprecedented in human history, but at the same time, we’re experiencing record levels of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty.

At the center of the mayhem stands the smartphone, the unaccountable tyrant that has emerged in the blink of an evolutionary eye to rule our lives and emotions. Whether we’re digital natives, digital converts or analog holdouts, we’re all struggling to reconcile this relentless technology and the resulting demands on our time, energy and attention.

Let’s tackle this together.

Compete and Win in the New Global Hyper-Economy, as a Team.

We've got a ship to find, somewhere in the dark skies over the North Arabian Sea.
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“Dennis’ message and delivery style hit a home run with our audience!”

- Al Faber, President and CEO, The Foundation for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

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“Dennis masterfully puts teeth to the “soft skills” of leadership and deftly defines their value. With a colorful storytelling flair, he brings these concepts to life and makes them relatable. I can’t wait to share them with my leadership team!”

- Amy Dukovcic, Executive Director, Cardiac and Vascular Services, Washington Adventist Hospital


“The most important things I look for in an executive are leadership, judgment, ego-maturity and self-awareness. Dennis brings those factors to life and makes clear what’s possible with the combination of Creative leadership, a winning business model and a dynamic, resilient culture.”

Peter VanCamp, Executive Chairman, Equinix

Dennis Brouwer helps audiences see their work in a new light, unlocking fresh ideas and delivering a roadmap for growth and success.  His inspiring keynotes are a blend of rich storytelling, humor, provocative insights, and actionable takeaways.  Audiences around the world have cherished his unique, authentic, and energizing performances, filled with practical advice and stimulating new approaches.

“An important new concept in the leadership world…amazing stories and some clear thinking about what it takes to lead today…a winner. Brouwer's been in the leadership hot seat, made the difficult decisions, and learned from his mistakes.”

Dr. Nick Morgan, CEO, PublicWords

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Dennis Brouwer helps organizations deconstruct their most pressing challenges and exciting opportunities in order to conquer, win, and soar.  Over the last 30 years, Brouwer has developed a systematic model of Deconstruction that helps boost growth and organizational performance.  His diverse experiences include serving as a flight officer in the US Navy, leading a $300 million tech business, and writing the inspiring book, Return on Leadership

  • US Navy flight Officer

  • Proven business executive

  • Bestselling author

  • Dynamic keynote speaker

  • Deconstruction Artist

“A fresh perspective on Leadership that brings home all the concepts of Vision, Execution, and Engagement. As an HR Leader in a competitive world of FinTech, this is now my "go-to" approach when it comes to company strategy and its leadership, as we continue to reinvent ourselves and attract and retain the best talent.”

Lyuba Golberg, Chief People Officer, TradingScreen