Embracing Change

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As humans living in the year 2019, we enjoy a standard of living that’s unprecedented in human history, but at the same time, we’re experiencing record levels of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty as technology upends the way we sell, communicate and view the world around us.

We’re all stuck in the middle, and there’s really only one path forward - to embrace a proven set of values and actions that help us to surf the waves of change rather than be crushed by them. Dennis Brouwer will help you pick your path through this mine-field by breaking leadership and culture down into a series of repeatable actions that build trust, promote transparency and bring out the very best in teams and individuals.

Cloud Innovator. Front-Line Leader. Aviator. Author. Coach. Story-teller.

Stress in the workplace is worse than it's ever been, and it's likely to get worse. What are the parallels between elite military units and the jobs we do every day?
Most people think they're good listeners, but the research shows that's not the case. Only about 10% of people are actuallly listening...most of us are doing something else. What could it be?
We, as humans, are descended from thousands of generations of risk ancestors, and that has a profound impact on the way we see and react to the world around us. And isn't always a good thing!
It may not be sexy, but relentless incremental improvement is what drives enhanced productivity and positive cultures in most industries. How does that work?
We've got a ship to find, somewhere in the dark skies over the North Arabian Sea.
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“Dennis’ message and delivery style hit a home run with our audience!”

- Al Faber, President and CEO, The Foundation for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

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“Dennis masterfully puts teeth to the “soft skills” of leadership and deftly defines their value. With a colorful storytelling flair, he brings these concepts to life and makes them relatable. I can’t wait to share them with my leadership team!”

- Amy Dukovcic, Executive Director, Cardiac and Vascular Services, Washington Adventist Hospital


“The most important things I look for in an executive are leadership, judgment, ego-maturity and self-awareness. Dennis brings those factors to life and makes clear what’s possible with the combination of Creative leadership, a winning business model and a dynamic, resilient culture.”

Peter VanCamp, Executive Chairman, Equinix