“The most important things I look for in an executive are leadership, judgment, ego-maturity and self-awareness. Dennis brings those factors to life and makes clear what’s possible with the combination of Creative leadership, a winning business model and a dynamic, resilient culture.”

Peter VanCamp, Executive Chairman, Equinix


“An important new concept in the leadership world…amazing stories and some clear thinking about what it takes to lead today…a winner. Brouwer's been in the leadership hot seat, made the difficult decisions, and learned from his mistakes.”

Dr. Nick Morgan, CEO, PublicWords


“A fresh perspective on Leadership that brings home all the concepts of Vision, Execution, and Engagement. As an HR Leader in the competitive world of FinTech, this is now my "go-to" approach when it comes to company strategy and its leadership, as we continue to reinvent ourselves and attract and retain the best talent.”

Lyuba Golberg, Chief People Officer, TradingScreen


“Clear, concise, and articulate… Brouwer offers an energetic, lively and rational narrative sculpted to realign your way of thinking while providing rich examples from his own life as reinforcement.”

Craig Jacobsen, Event Manager, Wisconsin Historical Society


“Brouwer identifies the three behaviors most commonly associated with leaders of successful organizations, highlights the combination of executive characteristics common to successful leaders, and provides an actionable plan to improve their leadership – and it works. I was lucky enough to be part of the submarine stalking story that is central to his book, and it’s all true.”

Fred Drake, Assistant Dean and Head of Faculty, Naval War College


“If you have ever wondered how military leadership principles translate into the civilian workplace, here is your answer. The stories are just flippin’ cool!”

Steve DiPietro – Director, Strategic Programs, Technical Operations and Infrastructure, Neustar


“Dennis' background and experience(s) are uniquely suited to have laid the groundwork for his insightful look at Leadership and what that means to the individual and the team.”

Matthew Bowe, CEO, Matthew Bowe Design/Build


“A great storyteller who brings inspiration to people on the front lines.”

Shea Long – SVP, Commercial Innovation, Centene Corporation


“I benefitted from the real world stories and strategies shared. It helped me facilitate leadership discussions in our business”

Danny Harris, VP, Digital Marketing Strategy and Client Success, Minds On Digital Marketing


“An original thinker with a deep intuitive understanding of what makes a good leader, Dennis Brouwer does a fabulous job of translating his own life's experience into leadership best practices that cross industry boundaries.”

Ron Allen, Lead Senior Engineer, KBRwyle

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“I was lucky enough to have worked for Dennis during the time he led the business transformation at SAVVIS, and can vouch for not only the exceptional turnaround, but also how his leadership style and unified vision truly re-invigorated a group of great, but disenfranchised employees into a team with a shared vision who were able to move mountains!”

Matthew Holway, Director, Network Product Management, CenturyLink


“Vast experience in both the military and private sector leadership roles. Truly valuable information that I have shared with my team and my daughter. “

Tina Smith, VP, Marketing, CenturyLink Business


“Brouwer reduces a complex challenge every exec faces to its least common denominator. The information is immediately actionable.”

John Cunningham, Co-CEO, BCM One


“Brouwer expertly breaks down the leadership imperatives of Vision, Engagement, and Execution in a story-telling style that is immediately relatable and actionable. He provides valuable insights into what makes teams work - and what doesn't - and offers a roadmap to personal leadership enlightenment and organizational growth.”

Carver Matheidas, Director, Channel Development, Five9


“Brouwer's experience, stories and thought-provoking take on leadership are what's needed in every organization today.”

Lou Diamond, Founder and CEO at THRIVE PARTNERS