Proven turnaround leader - Hands-on experience taking a global business from laughing-stock to leader. 

Decorated Navy veteran- Award-winning anti-submarine warfare tactician and accomplished naval flight officer - Nearly 300 missions, 150 carrier landings and 1,000 hours in the cockpit.

Professional innovator - Led successful global product development organizations for two decades.

Dynamic keynote speaker – bringing inspiring stories and actionable insights to audiences worldwide.

Certified leadership professional - Graduate of Georgetown University’s prestigious leadership coaching curriculum.

Deconstruction Artist – Inventor of proven system to tackle challenges and seize opportunities.

Bestselling author - Published The Return on Leadership, with original, actionable insights on leadership, creativity and human potential.


“If you have ever wondered how military leadership principles translate into the civilian workplace, here is your answer. The stories are just flippin’ cool!”

Steve DiPietro, Director, Strategic Programs, Technical Operations & Infrastructure, Neustar


Dennis Brouwer is the CEO of The Brouwer Group LLC, a firm that helps companies achieve peak performance by getting crystal clear on their value proposition, promoting creative leadership behaviors and energizing high-performing teams. He is a former Navy Flight Officer, Mission Commander and Award-winning tactician who started his career as a naval flight officer hunting for Soviet submarines in the north Arabian Sea.  He’s the author of The Return on Leadership, and a self-taught Jeep mechanic, cabin restorer, and brewer of fine beers.

At the height of the Cold War, Dennis created new tactics that enabled a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier to locate an “un-findable” Russian submarine in the Persian Gulf region. As the leader of the $300 million Savvis Enterprise Cloud Network business unit, he built and led a team that out-maneuvered significantly larger competitors and grow the business while others retrenched. Serving in executive roles in sales, product development, and operations, he has used his unorthodox, thoughtful approaches to achieve what others could not.


Brouwer is the author of The Return on Leadership, in which he makes the case that a particular form of leadership – Creative Leadership - sparks business success by identifying and deconstructing the hidden barriers to growth in people, teams, and markets. The book comes to life with examples from Ford Motor Company, global IT services, and his own personal experiences as a Fortune 500 executive, leadership coach and naval flight officer. The social science, case studies, and three step plan are all designed to make you a better leader, your organization a better place to work and a more potent, creative force for sustainable, worthy growth in the world.

As a trusted keynote speaker and a consultant to organizations around the world, Brouwer blends a unique approach of rigor and creativity; research and instinct; thoughtfulness and passion. His insights and methodology are embraced by leaders in sales, marketing, product development and operational roles –all of who face imperatives to find growth where others can’t.

“Brouwer identifies the three behaviors most commonly associated with leaders of successful organizations, highlights the combination of executive characteristics common to successful leaders, and provides an actionable plan to improve their leadership – and it works. I was lucky enough to be part of the submarine stalking story that is central to his book, and it’s all true.”

Fred Drake, Head of Faculty, Naval War College




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