Inspires Companies to Improve Readiness and Develop Proactive Safety Cultures through a Deeper Understanding of the Psychology of Danger, Risk and Complacency

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Too many companies are unable to operate at peak performance because they face workplace safety and readiness issues that reduce productivity, increase stress and undermine morale. The impact of these issues ranges from annoying distractions and increased costs of doing business, to serious injuries or even death. 

In many cases, the core issue is one of preparedness as teams struggle to anticipate and assess potential dangers in both the workplace and the market, to challenge core beliefs and practices that contribute to complacency, and to take action before it’s too late. 

Preparedness, Safety, and Agility

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Dennis Brouwer shows leaders and team members how to use his simple but effective methods to pre-emptively identify the risks of inaction and complacency, and to deal with them both proactively and constructively. His clients also gain a deeper understanding of the ways in which our human psychology works to undermine safety programs and practices, and how to counter those unconscious tendencies. By embracing the Six Core Mindsets of Preparedness and Positive Safety Cultures, they are able to reduce workplace risk, stress and anxiety, and shrink costs. In addition to being better equipped to identify danger, risk and complacency before they impact the organization, they will also learn to apply the lessons of workplace safety – to Own, Train, Plan, Anticipate, Challenge and Celebrate – to other problems and opportunities such as customer satisfaction, employee retention and innovation.

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Citing Murphy's Law - "Anything That Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong" - is an easy way to explain away failure. But Murphy and the passive acceptance it implies are completely unacceptable in healthcare, cybersecurity, and public safety.

US Naval Aviation has a reputation for safe and effective operations, but it wasn’t always so…what happened? How did the Navy reduce its accident rate by over 95%, while dealing with generational change, new technology and an imperative to do more with less?

Speech Topic: Gravity’s a Theory; Murphy’s a Law!

Murphy’s Law – “Anything That Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong” - is frequently cited as the easy explanation when we’re faced with unforeseen barriers to our plans or the consequences of unanticipated failure. But what about situations in which the passive acceptance implied by “Murphy” is completely unacceptable? There is no room for a passive “it is what it is” perspective on our daily operations in aviation, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, cybersecurity or public safety, where the consequences are irreversible and frequently tragic.


Drawing inspiration from his experience as a front-line leader in an elite military organization and in challenging corporate environments, Dennis Brouwer blends the mission-focused excellence of naval aviation with the practical, day-to-day concerns of business leaders. By combining humor, thought-provoking stories from multiple industries and riveting tales from his own experience, he enables teams to refocus and re-energize readiness programs. In the process, attendees learn new ways to deal with danger, risk and complacency while discovering potential synergies between safety programs and operational performance.

Takeaways include:

  • A new-found ability to identify the conditions in which Murphy thrives,

  • How to proactively intercept risky habits of thought before they become a problem, and

  • When to ask “What could possibly go wrong?” 

Background and Biography

Authority on the psychology of danger, risk and complacency. Hands-on experience as Fortune 500 executive and leader of turnaround of a $300m global IT business. Previously served as naval flight and safety officer, award-winning tactician and assistant professor of naval science at Texas A&M University.


Workplace Safety, Safety Leadership, Preparedness, Military, Aviation, Leadership, Crisis Management, Readiness


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