We specialize in helping companies become more agile, competitive, and customer focused. We work with leaders and organizations faced with new competitive threats, disruptive economic trends, and opportunities to enter new, tightly focused markets. Our focus is always on change measured in “board-room terms” - growth in revenue, profitability, customer satisfaction and employee retention.

For many organizations this is a radical change to the way they do business, and in most cases they’re not sure where to begin. That’s where The Brouwer Group can help.



Assess Leadership & Innovation CAPACITY

The outputs of our process include in-depth reports of an organization’s current capacity for innovation, a thorough understanding of required areas of improvement, and an analytics-based motivation for change.


We work with our clients to turn knowledge into progress. We collaborate and develop specific action plans that may include coaching of teams and/or individuals and strategic planning for oversight and investment.

“The most important things I look for in an executive are leadership, judgment, ego-maturity and self-awareness. Dennis brings those factors to life and makes clear what’s possible with the combination of Creative leadership, a winning business model and a dynamic, resilient culture.”
— Peter VanCamp, Executive Chairman, Equinix
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Turnaround Artist

As the leader of a $300 million division of a global services company, Dennis led a comprehensive turnaround that reversed chronic revenue declines and reinvigorated a business that had been left for dead.


Dennis doesn’t just talk about leadership…he embraces a consistent approach to getting things done. In addition to his real world experience in business and the US Navy, Dennis is a graduate of Georgetown University’s prestigious leadership coaching program. He is a master communicator, a natural team builder and has been evaluated as an exceptional leader by The Leadership Circle.

Experienced Leader

As a young naval flight officer, Dennis was twice recognized as a leading anti-submarine tactician, His corporate and entrepreneurial experience includes envisioning, cost-justifying, launching and providing complex services, software and infrastructure to a wide race of industries, including finance, banking, manufacturing, healthcare, defense and agriculture.

Professional Innovator

Over a 20 year career, Dennis led product, sales, and marketing teams that launched new services into the US and international markets. On his watch, cross-functional teams, propelled by a sense of urgency and shared accomplishment, worked side-by-side to develop and roll out practical, profitable solutions. As the owner of the Product Roadmap, chair of the Product Launch Team, and member of senior leadership, he led or worked closely with all functional areas, including Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Operations, Service Delivery and Finance to move the business one direction - forward.


Dennis has coached teams and leaders in a variety of industries, including finance, construction, legal, technology and telecommunications, as well as associations. In these engagements, he brings to bear the lessons of both his coaching certification and his experience as a leader of elite teams in the military, corporate and entrepreneurial environments.