One Minute! One Idea! Ep. 15 "Have Faith and Play the Long Game"

Welcome to "One Minute! One Idea!" – where we Deconstruct what’s happening at the intersection of INNOVATION, HUMAN POTENTIAL and the things we do to unlock it, known as LEADERSHIP.

Today’s idea is “Have Faith, and Play the Long Game”.

In Season 2, we’re focused on a case study built around the decision that my wife Rebecca and I made to return to our roots in rural America. We bought a farm, decided to restore the cabin that came with it and settled on our guiding principles – the values – that would guide it. “The new must honor the old, and the old must be present in every room of the new”. We applied those principles over and over again, and had some really great results.

But all was not always sweetness and light. As with every restoration, or any large project for that matter, we encountered unexpected problems. We found rotten wood, crumbling stone walls, and of course, water, bugs and worse, everywhere it wasn’t supposed to be. During a stretch of bad weather the project stalled out, but just when things looked their worst, we doubled down on our principles and stuck to today’s idea to Have faith, and play the long game.

That’s what we’ve done, and what we continue to do.

- Dennis