One Minute! One Idea! Ep. 8 "Invite Someone Behind the Scenes!"

Welcome to Episode 8 of "One Minute One Idea!" – where we Deconstruct what’s happening at the intersection of innovation, human potential and the things we do to unlock it, known as Leadership.If you’ve made it this far, you know that One Minute, One Idea is all about dispensing with the filler, repetition, commercial breaks, and all things obvious, and what’s left is sixty seconds of dense, valuable content.

Today we’re going to change it up with an extended play idea to “Invite You Behind the Scenes”.

Why? For starters, it’s the end of Season One. We’ve covered some great topics of a general nature, but from this point forward, the structure is going to change slightly. We’ll continue to do individual "One Minute One Idea!" episodes, but those episodes will now be organized into seasons of eight episodes each, with each season focused on a central theme like Innovation and Ideas, Creating and Growing Customer Relationships, or Launching New Services. That structure will still encourage a tight focus on stand-out ideas, but it will also allow us to more fully develop and link individual concepts. Each season will end with an “extended play” episode like this, which will run for two or three minutes. From your perspective, that means you can literally “take a minute” to refresh on one topic or binge-watch an entire season in 10 minutes. Netflix meets Facebook Live meets the Harvard Business Review. Quirky, I know.

Second, I would like to explain what’s happening here at the intersection of branding, neuroscience and human learning. I know that everybody gets that this micro-podcast is just supposed to fit into your day where ever you’ve got a minute; Waiting at a light, on the train, riding an elevator or sitting on the parking shuttle. You’ve also likely noticed that our production values are pretty good, but we’re not making “Game of Thrones” or some sanitized corporate training video here either. The intent is to have a densely packed sixty seconds that you can absorb any way you want, but if you’re looking at the screen during the podcast, here’s what you’ll see.

The screen is divided into three areas, with the core message presented in three distinct ways to reinforce the neuroscience of attention and to play to individual learning styles. First, a text version of the message jumps in and out at the bottom. Second, graphics that reinforce each episode’s key point will appear in this information panel to my right. Third, I’ll always be here, talking too fast and emoting too much, hammering home the same central point. Finally, we’re using green screen technology to break the podcast into three phases. The first is the workshop, which sends a pretty clear message we’re here to work. At the transition to this week’s idea, the background changes to a theme that reinforces the three information channels on the screen, and at the end, there’s one last transition to our business partners, who are some of the world’s leading speakers bureaus and the terrific people who work there.

So that’s your tour behind the scenes at "One Minute One Idea!" plus your cliff-hanger... Season 2 will build on a theme I introduce in Episode 4 – finding, developing, and replicating ideas. I guarantee that you’ll come out of Season 2 with at least five new ideas and a working knowledge of how to continue the magic.

So I encourage you yo "Invite Someone Behind the Scenes!”

It’s what I’m doing. 

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- Dennis

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