One Minute! One Idea! Ep. 3 “Pay Attention!”

Welcome to Episode 3 of One Minute One Idea – the multi-media micro-podcast in which we Deconstruct what’s happening at the intersection of innovation, human potential and the things we do to unlock it - leadership.

Today’s idea is “Pay Attention!”. 

We swim in a sea of distraction – everything around us is designed to compete for our attention and waste our time. These diversions are fine, to a point, but when they start to get in the way of what’s important, they become a problem. Distracted leaders are often perceived as disinterested leaders, and that’s just a short hop from becoming a “distant leader” and that’s a really bad thing.

So, today’s idea is “Pay attention!”. Today, when you find yourself in a situation where you want to “lean out”, to let your mind wander to the next meeting, assert your intellect, focus in, and pay attention. When your cell phone is beckoning to you like a pack of Marlboro’s, “Come on – just one more”, redirect that energy to the conversation at hand and just really “Be There” for one minute when you would normally fade out.

Pay Attention! It’s what I’m doing.

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- Dennis Out.