One Minute! One Idea! Ep. 6 "Compete!"

Welcome to Episode 6 of One Minute! One Idea!  – where we Deconstruct what’s happening at the intersection of innovation, human potential and the things we do to unlock it - known as Leadership.

Multi-media Micro-podcast from the Author of The Return On Leadership

Today’s Idea is “Get Out There and Compete!”.

So much of the coaching and advice we receive is about our inner game – finding balance, your inner child, your true self, and those are healthy things to do. However, as organizations, we also tend to become absorbed in our own drama. That's fine, but at some point we’ve got to remember that every organization is in a competition with someone else, and the way that competition turns out usually comes down to, well, you, especially if you’re in a leadership role. If you’re not engaged directly with the market, it’s an invitation for the competition to eat your lunch.

So, today’s idea is “Get Out There and Compete”. There’s nothing that matches the thrill of seeing a customer in the wild, so go call on a customer. Offer your assistance to someone in sales. Put together an offer that your competition hates…but if you were a customer, that offer would make you say, “Whoa, seriously?!?!”.

Get Out There and Compete. It’s what I’m doing.

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- Dennis

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