One Minute! One Idea! Ep. 1 "Get To The Point!"

Welcome to the first episode of One Minute One Idea!  This is a multi-media micro-podcast, delivered in a visual format, each episode lasts 60 seconds.

We’ll use this time to Deconstruct the latest in innovation, leadership, growth, and human potential and arrive at one, clear idea.

Today’s Idea is “Get To The Point!”.

With that in mind, One Minute One Idea dispenses with the filler, repetition, commercial breaks, and all things obvious, and what’s left is sixty seconds of dense, valuable content. You can pause, repeat, click through, or you can just hit play and let it run for the full minute.

"That’s not enough time," you say. Ha! Sixty seconds is enough time to watch the best Super Bowl commercial of all time or to read the Gettysburg Address. A minute is plenty of time.

So, today’s idea is “Get To The Point”. If you think your purpose, your job, your problem is too big to boil down to one minute, you’re probably wrong – you’re just letting yourself off the hook when what you really need to do is “Get To The Point”. That’s what I’m doing.

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- Dennis

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